VIDEO: Brewers Fans Are Going to Love Christian Yelich Crushing Homers in Slow Motion

Christian Yelich is primed and ready for baseball to return
Christian Yelich is primed and ready for baseball to return /

Milwaukee Brewers superstar Christian Yelich and his picture-perfect lefty swing are showing no signs of being hampered by his injury in 2019, which is good news for a hungry Brewers team looking to prove doubters wrong in 2020. Yelich is as ready to start the shortened season as he'll ever be, as that famous, smooth swing looks to be back in top form while he awaits the start of the 2020 campaign.

It looks even cooler and more graceful in slow motion.

In two years in Milwaukee, Yelich has one MVP under his belt, and might have had a second if his 2019 season hadn't ended prematurely due to an injury. In a 60-game season where every single game matters, Yelich will need to put a Brewers lineup lacking in depth behind him on his back if they want to make it into the still-not-expanded postseason.

Hitting .400 in this truncated season isn't out of the question, and Yelich might be the MLB player with the highest chance of reaching that illustrious milestone.

Not much is known about what this unusual season will look like logistically, but what Brewers fans can rely on is that Yelich will once again fight for MVP.