Chris Harris Jr. Calls Out Vic Fangio's Comments on Racism in the NFL

Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Chris Harris
Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Chris Harris / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio zigged when the rest of the NFL zagged, claiming that the league is a complete meritocracy with no racial prejudice of any kind whatsoever.

Former Broncos cornerback Chris Harris, who played under Fangio in Denver in 2019 before signing with the Los Angeles Chargers this offseason, said that he was "confused" by his old coach's sudden heel turn considering that he was advocating for his players protesting racial inequality just a few days ago.

Fangio seems to think that the NFL is a world of sunshine and rainbows where everyone gets along, and Harris was not alone in calling him out. Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson called Fangio "a joke," while his teammate and safety Quandre Diggs asked if Fangio was blind.

Harris was mostly puzzled by the quotes, stating he was "surprised" that his old coach would say something like this having known him fairly well.

Not only were Fangio's comments a bit ill-informed, but they came at the worst possibly time. Kudos to Harris for taking his former coach to task over this given the current climate.