This Chiefs Fan's Man Cave is Absolutely Fantastic

This Chiefs fan's man cave is tremendous.
This Chiefs fan's man cave is tremendous. /

Kansas City Chiefs fans are still on cloud nine after the team won its second-ever Super Bowl this year. Of course, that means some Super Bowl LIV memorabilia will be added to their residences. But prepare to be put to shame!

A Chiefs fan living in the United Kingdom shared photos of his Chiefs man cave, and it's absolutely impressive!

Just look at all of those autographed jerseys and helmets! Most sports fans are lucky to own one of each. Oh, and he's got a glowing Chiefs logo to help illuminate the cave at night while watching the plethora of the team's primetime games.

But perhaps what puts this Chiefs room above the rest is his Super Bowl 'legends cabinet,' which is devoted to the team's two Super Bowl victories. Items inside include autographed cards from Len Dawson and Travis Kelce, singed cleats, and even a Super Bowl LIV-themed Bud Light bottle from the big game in Miami!

We're sorry to inform the other owners of man caves, but you're not even in the same league as this man from across the pond. The precedent for a quality football room has been set, and it looks like no one's ever going to top it.

But feel free to prove us wrong!