VIDEO: Cam Newton Looks Healthy in Latest Throwing Session

Cam Newton's arm looks good to go
Cam Newton's arm looks good to go /

Cam Newton is one of the few quarterbacks left on the free agent market who could compete for a starting job, as the Carolina Panthers decided to end the Newton era in favor of Teddy Bridgewater. Cam showed that his arm is just as strong as ever during a throwing session this week, though, as the former MVP looks to find his next opportunity in the NFL.

Carolina was rolling during the midway point of the 2018 season, but Newton suffered a major shoulder injury in a Thursday Night game against the Steelers. When combined with his foot injury this year, it's no wonder teams are worried about the brittle passer.

Still, he is much too talented to remain a free agent, and teams like the New England Patriots could be in the market for Cam should his medical reports come up clean and his wage demands be within the team's price range.

No one is doubting that Newton can still play, and very few are doubting that he could be a high-level starting quarterback. What people ARE doubting, however, is his ability to stay healthy. If Newton's shoulder and his foot hold up, the comeback tour in 2020 could be something special.