Steelers Must Swipe Cam Newton as Backup Plan Before Patriots Come to Their Senses

The Pittsburgh Steelers must come to their senses and sign Cam Newton.
The Pittsburgh Steelers must come to their senses and sign Cam Newton. / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Somehow, former NFL MVP Cam Newton has not been picked up by any team after the Carolina Panthers released him. While Newton has battled injuries in recent years, he's been working overtime to silence his doubters and come back as strong as ever.

Even if you don't believe him, it's safe to say he's worth a risk, and we're waiting for a team to swoop him up. The question begs: what are the Pittsburgh Steelers waiting for?

Ben Roethlisberger himself is on the comeback trail following elbow surgery, and is also 38 years old. His best years are behind him, and realistically, Pittsburgh will need a new QB1 in a year or two, and doesn't have any viable option on the roster. That's basically all we learned from 2019. Enter Newton?

The former Carolina signal caller and Auburn standout will turn 31 on May 11 and has plenty of football left ahead of him. Imagine a scenario where he's Roethlisberger's backup for a campaign or two, then takes over the show. It almost makes too much sense. However, the more Pittsburgh waits, the more time it gives Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots to wake up and sign Newton, too.

Oh really, Shaun? If this were to happen, Mike Tomlin and Co. would undoubtedly regret not pulling the trigger. Time to get something done, Pittsburgh.