Bruins Fans Should Be Furious With Cheap Actions by Owner Jeremy Jacobs During COVID-19 Hiatus

Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs
Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The same indefensible actions that caused Philadelphia 76ers fans to revolt against ownership have barely caused a stir in the NHL, and it's about time someone changed that.

Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is worth north of $4 billion. He is not the struggling every-man our federal government so often touts in defense of economic measures that put the collective health of our country at risk, nor is his 'local business' hemorrhaging enough cash to provide an excuse for the following.

Jacobs only provided financial help for employees when he was backed into a corner, and has so rapidly changed course that most of us have yet to spin our heads to catch up to the horrible precedent he is now setting in professional sports.

Per the Boston Globe, 150 Bruins and TD Garden employees are facing layoffs and salary cuts, and that's just the beginning. Jacobs is far more concerned with his own bottom line than the livelihoods of those his organization depends on.

Capitalism depends on the rich more than ever in times like this to ignore the status quo, and provide aid to communities in need. Jacobs has made it obvious just how flawed that concept is, and the Bruins statement only makes matters worse.

"As relayed to our associates today, none of these decisions were reached without difficult and painful deliberations. These measures are intended to be temporary with associate employment and compensation returning once our business resumes to its normal state from this unprecedented stoppage."

We're sure this brilliant PR speak will smooth everything over for the families who are now struggling due to the selfishness of the 1%. Congratulations.

The Sixers changed course due to public pressure -- why is Jacobs doubling down?