76ers Change Course on Staff Salary Reductions After Being Bullied

Joshua Harris
Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris changed course on a plan to force staff to take less money. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Philadelphia 76ers ownership unveiled a controversial plan this week to essentially force full-time employees to take a 20% pay cut and go to a four-day work week in order to deal with the financial losses because of the NBA shutdown.

This plan leaked on social media, and was instantly bashed, as the 76ers are owned by billionaire Josh Harris, and the optics of forcing his loyal underlings to suffer were terrible.

The PR got so bad that ownership finally came to its senses on Tuesday and decided to continue playing employees what they are owed.

Certain coaches and executives may have been able to take the pay cut. But those on the business and ticketing side could have been hurt by this at such an uncertain time financially for so many Americans. This was a classic case of public shaming actually doing some good.

Ownership tried to spin it as a voluntary pay cut in order to pay hourly employees for lost wages. A billionaire coming up with such a plan comes across as tone deaf and almost evil. Now, ownership has to make sure it still pays hourly employees, and doesn't just eliminate that money because the pay cut was removed.