Brian Flores Chose 8 Straight Jay-Z Songs to Open Dolphins Practice After Kenny Stills' Comments

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Brian Flores and one of his top players seem to be at odds over Jay-Z's recent partnership with the NFL...based on the head coach's song selection.

The Miami Dolphins boss put eight straight Jay-Z songs on the playlist to open up the team's practice the day after star wide receiver Kenny Stills called out the rapper for his parternship with the NFL. Stills was made aware of the playlist in advance, but this can't sit well with him, right?

That doesn't seem like the best way to foster a good relationship with the players, but hey, he's the coach.

Stills was not at all pleased when he learned about Jay-Z's new role as the NFL music entertainment strategist and his comments about the league having "moved past kneeling."

Jay-Z's words and actions "didn't sit right" with him, but they apparently seem to be just fine by Flores' standards. It's hard to imagine any reason why the Dolphins' head coach would stack the playlist with Jay-Z's songs especially given this timing.

It's understandable if they have different opinions on the situation, but if Flores intentionally, and childishly, stacked the playlist with those songs, then we can expect more drama coming from the Dolphins locker room in the coming days and weeks.