VIDEO: Kenny Stills Backs Colin Kaepernick and Blasts Jay-Z for Comments on Kneeling

Eric Reid isn't the only NFL player taking offense to Jay-Z's partnership with the league and his comments on kneeling. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills is just as frustrated and feels a sense of betrayal. He laid into the rapper, saying, "It doesn't sit right with me. It's not something I agree with or respect."

Jay-Z's recent agreement to become the NFL's music entertainment strategist in ruffled plenty of feathers, especially when the deal was taken into consideration with the fact that he said "We've moved past kneeling."

A lot of players, Stills included, feel that practically nothing has been achieved since Kaepernick began his protests. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback still doesn't have a job, and racial injustice is still prevalent in America.

Others outside the game, specifically in the music industry, see things differently. Rappers Freddie Gibbs and Cardi B have both come to Jay Z's defense, saying that his involvement is just another way to combat the same problems the players are fighting.

This likely isn't the last time we'll hear the thoughts of the players on this issue, but it certainly seems to have struck a nerve with Stills.