Brian Cashman Delivers Amazing Aaron Hicks Update and Another Unhelpful Aaron Judge Rib Injury Story

New York Yankees outfielders Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge
New York Yankees outfielders Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The New York Yankees once again have their entire starting outfield beset by injuries, although both Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge seem to be coming along nicely in their return to perfect health.

Despite the fact Hicks underwent Tommy John surgery and was not expected to contribute much during the 2020 season, Brian Cashman confirmed that he is swinging and throwing once again, adding that there is a chance he plays center field for the Yankees as soon as this summer (which might mean Opening Day).

Judge, meanwhile, is about to enter his third straight season in which injuries have sapped a large chunk of his games away. Judge was diagnosed with a cracked right rib in Spring Training (sustained in September), but he has still not fully healed from it.

Given how most rib injuries are healed in a few weeks, let alone two months, this comes off as a really puzzling development.

Hicks is only a few months removed from one of the most debilitating injuries an MLB player can suffer, and he seems to be making more progress in his rehab than Judge does from his cracked rib. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Judge's injury might be more serious than the Yankees are trying to make it seem.

According to Cashman, the Yankees never intended Judge to be back before the summer anyway, even in a best-case scenario. Unfortunately, this wasn't communicated to us months ago.