How is Aaron Judge's Broken Rib Possibly Not Healed Yet?

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge
New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Aaron Judge's injury status has been a source of bewilderment for Yankees fans. He initially fractured his first right rib in mid-September. Since then, his health has apparently been poor. Yankees manager Aaron Boone did provide an update on May 2, but it was a little confusing.

Boone said that the added time in quarantine has been great for Judge's healing process. It's given him extra downtime to return to form, but it makes no sense that such a thing is even still needed. He's been injured since September, people.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a broken rib typically takes around six weeks to heal properly. He played through the injury since the initial fracture, so it makes sense it wouldn't be great to start the offseason. However, the team's doctor had him stop working out and rest in early February for a supposed shoulder injury, and he was officially told to rest for the rib in mid-March.

It's been all this time, but the guy still isn't healthy? What's he been doing?

The whole situation is incredibly strange. It's almost as if something isn't being said. Updates that Judge is continuing to heal are encouraging, but after a string of tidbits that feel like more of the same, one can't help but wonder what's going wrong.