Braves Won the World Series During MLB's Last Shortened Season so 2020 Could Be Fate

The Atlanta Braves last won the World Series in 1995.
The Atlanta Braves last won the World Series in 1995. / CHRIS WILKINS/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have given fans plenty of hope over the past three decades. The team has won two consecutive NL East crowns, and had a stretch where they won the division every year from 1995-2005.

The problem is, however, that the team has only taken home one World Series crown. That came during the 1995 season, which is known as being the last shortened MLB season. The league returned from 1994's strike that cancelled the World Series, and the Braves took down the Cleveland Indians in six games to win their first World Series in Atlanta. 2020 is set to be a shortened season too, of course, and that could be fate for the Braves.

Of course, MLB still played 144 games during the 1995 season. But there was still a different type of Spring Training, and fans can get behind the idea of the Braves dominating in shortened seasons.

The 60-game season should allow nearly every team to compete for a playoff spot. However, rebuilding teams may use this as a time to develop younger talent and not worry about actual wins and losses. That is not the case for a Braves team already entering 2020 as title contenders.

A big addition this offseason was Cole Hamels, who was initially set to miss time with an injury. The late start to the season reportedly means he is ready to go. That is great news, as he joins a rotation featuring young studs like Max Fried and Mike Soroka.

The 1995 Braves won the World Series thanks to the dominant trio of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. Perhaps the same thing will be true in 2020, as the Braves seem to be lucky so far in shortened seasons.