The New Orleans Saints may feel pretty great today, but they didn't at exactly time last year. They would be off to their second consecutive NFC Championship game following their victory over the Eagles Sunday but for one improbable play sent them packing on Jan. 14, 2018: the Minneapolis Miracle.

That's one walk-off touchdown that will never get old. A year later, Case Keenum and Stefon Digg's amazing moment still provides goosebumps.

And Marcus Williams' infamous missed tackle grates at the soul as much as ever.

The Vikings didn't have the storybook ending to their 2017 season that they would've liked, as they were thumped by the Eagles in the NFC Championship the following week. That doesn't take anything away from this play as you can watch it over and over again.

The Saints got their redemption in time, as they took down the Eagles this time around to advance to next weekend's NFC title game against the Rams. It looked like an annual dosage of heartbreak was on its way for New Orleans again, of course, until ​Alshon Jeffery dropped an easy pass that turned into a game-sealing interception.

New Orleans may have gotten lucky this time, but a year ago, Minnesota was rocking all thanks to the talented Mr. Diggs.