Biggest Inconsistencies in Astros' Players Recount of Sign-Stealing Scandal

The Houston Astros still have some explaining to do
The Houston Astros still have some explaining to do / Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Astros players, as liars do, tried to cover up their illegal activities by lying, and then continued to lie in order to minimize the immediate blowback after they got caught.

The Astros, now owners of the worst case of crisis spin control maybe ever, have tried to explain exactly what was going on when they were stealing signs, but every player on that team seems to have a different explanation when it comes to the specifics.

Here are some of the biggest inconsistencies in the from players recount of the scandal.

Carlos Beltran's Role

Ken Rosenthal's report claims that Beltran was one of the masterminds of this scheme, as he helped with the implementation and sustainment of the whole operation. Astros players have done nothing but praise Beltran publicly, but the picture they are painting as compared to Rosenthal looks like two totally different people.

Did Sign Stealing Help The Astros Win?

After owner Jim Crane said that stealing signs did not help them win, only to contradict himself inside of a minute, Astros players have been noticeably tight-lipped when it comes to answering that question. Only Carlos Correa had enough candor and fortitude to admit that this was a legit advantage that changed the outcomes of games.

Was Altuve Wearing A Buzzer? Why Didn't He Want His Jersey Ripped Off?

This one is almost laughable at this point. Whatever your thoughts on the legitimacy of the buzzer rumor, you can't help but laugh at how often the story gets changed. Jose Altuve, pictured shirtless many times, claims his shyness is why he didn't want his jersey ripped off in celebration, while Correa claims he didn't want the world to...get a look at his unfinished tattoo.

Correa is about to dislocate his shoulder with that reach.