VIDEO: 2 Auburn Fans Fail at Rushing the Field and Briefly Get Caught in Bushes After Iron Bowl Win

We can't all be field rushing professionals. In this case, these two were probably a little past their prime in that department. That's no insult to these women, who went above and beyond the efforts most of us would've gone to just to make their way onto the Jordan-Hare Stadium turf after Auburn defeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl. The end result, however, was the two getting gif'd. It was unavoidable.

This isn't a pool, you can't just swim through hedges.

After a monumental effort, the two managed to help one another through the sea of shrubbery and onto the turf, joining other Tigers fans in the chaos which ensued after the final whistle.

Okay, we get it, we'd want to join the fun, too.

Although the madness doesn't end there at Auburn, as Toomer's Corner must be a tapestry of toilet paper by this juncture.

We can't all be so lucky to live near the Auburn campus.