11 Funniest Tweets After Nick Saban and Alabama's Painful Iron Bowl Loss to Auburn

Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide fought hard in the Iron Bowl against Auburn, but fell short due to a too many men on the field special teams penalty on a fourth-and-four, which ultimately ended any chance of a late comeback attempt.

As always, the majority of college football fans erupted upon hearing the news of Bama's untimely demise. With the defeat, Alabama is unlikely to make the College Football Playoff, unless...

Okay, surely the committee won't surprise us this time around. A two-loss SEC team should not make the playoff.

Alright, Nick. Probably not.

Alabama lost in familiar fashion, as their kicker missed a very make-able field goal with under two minutes remaining.

It's a long-time weakness for Saban and the Crimson Tide.

Without kickers, Saban would never lose a game.

It's almost like he sticks out....or something.

Even worse was the 12-men on special teams penalty, as Alabama forfeited any chance they had at a comeback.

And the jokes rolled in.

Perhaps most shocking is just how wrong most the country was heading into the season.

Turns out...maybe Alabama isn't a lock?

And we're confused again.

Stats can be jokes, too.

Looks like Alabama players aren't the only ones taking L's on Saturday night.