VIDEO: Auburn Fan Reveals First-Person Account After Getting Lost in Bush in Iron Bowl Field Rush

The Auburn Tigers upset the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl on Saturday. Auburn fans rushed the field as the clock struck zero to celebrate their victory over an in-state rival. One Tigers' fan was caught on camera taking the leap of faith into the shrubbery of Jordan-Hare Stadium. She has now taken to twitter to show the world her first-person experience of the event.

Rushing the field after a huge victory is one of the best traditions in college football. If you never experienced it for yourself, you are missing out.

However, if you don't mind peaking through some leaves and branches, you can live vicariously through this fan's video.

Considering that she was able to tweet out her first-hand experience of the now-viral moment, we can confirm that this Auburn fan is alive and well. She has been a tremendously good sport about the whole thing.

Every student who attended this SEC rivalry game will never forgot the day they took down Alabama. Hailey King now has some additional reasons to remember that evening.