VIDEO: Aubrey Huff is Now Crying About Wearing Masks in Public for Some Reason

Aubrey Huff is unfortunately back at it again
Aubrey Huff is unfortunately back at it again /

Figuring out life post-baseball can be difficult for many MLB players, but not former San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Rays slugger Aubrey Huff. Through his Twitter account, which is an infinite well of offensiveness that doesn't warrant viewership, Huff has pivoted from Silver Slugger-winning infielder to paranoid grifter. Huff claims that he's done with wearing a mask, despite mask-wearing standing out as the most effective way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In case you haven't been aware of what Huff has been up to lately, his Twitter account is essentially a laundry list of conservative ramblings, misogynistic outbursts, and controversial comments about Iranian women. It's a mess, and rants like this prove that it's only getting worse.

For a guy who loves to boast how this very real, very deadly virus is another machination of the liberal media, Huff is wearing his seatbelt while his car is in park. Some maverick this dude is.

It's impressive that a guy with 242 career home runs and two championships could totally erase his baseball legacy in just a few short years with a handful of tweets, but Huff's behavior has made everything baseball-related completely secondary.