Here’s Everything Aubrey Huff Said to Get Banned from Giants World Series Ceremony

Aubrey Huff
Former San Francisco Giants World Series champion Aubrey Huff is persona non grata in San Francisco | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It seemed like just yesterday that baseball fans were complaining that the San Francisco Giants were winning the World Series every even year. But, believe it or not, their short dynasty began a decade ago in 2010, and to commemorate it, the Giants are having everyone from their first team to win in San Fran back to Oracle Park for a 10-year reunion in August.

Well, almost everyone from the team.

The team decided to pass on giving an invitation to former outfielder and first baseman Aubrey Huff, mainly due to his offensive tweeting habits and abrasive behavior. Working under the assumption that someone's communique would have to be particularly offensive to get them excommunicated in this manner, well...we can confirm that's indeed the case.

Here, Huff is teaching his two sons to shoot firearms just in case Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in the 2020 election. "Because Socialism." That, of course, is a threat that goes far beyond a difference in political persuasions.

In this tweet, Huff made a vile tweet in poor taste about "rescuing" women from Iran in order for them to fan him and feed him grapes.

In a later tweet, he implied a desire for sexual relations with the once-captive women, as well.

Huff then tweeted an image he drew of a woman being grateful that he brought her to America, and signed it: "Keeping America great... and Iranian women happy!" Very consistent with his history of misogyny.

When called out on it by Keith Olbermann, Huff said that his tweets were jokes, and huffed and puffed over the fact that no one has a sense of humor anymore. He still continues to tweet things of a similar nature.

It's no secret why Huff wasn't asked to join his former teammates at their 10-year World Series reunion. It's not because of his support for Donald Trump, a view many in the clubhouse likely espouse, but rather his outright support for unethical values such as misogyny and the capturing and enslaving of foreign women.