Art Howe's Daughter Announces He's Officially Coronavirus Free

Art Howe was manger of the Mets from 2003-2004.
Art Howe was manger of the Mets from 2003-2004. | MATT CAMPBELL/Getty Images

Art Howe was a beloved figure throughout his MLB tenure, and many feared the worst when it was revealed he had been admitted into the intensive care unit due to the coronavirus in recent weeks.

Fortunately, good news has surfaced, as Howe's daughter announced on Monday night that her father is officially coronavirus free after leaving the hospital.

Howe confirmed his apperance in the ICU on May 14, with his release from the hospital coming just a few days later on the 17. After a couple weeks of improvement, Howe finally received the all-clear from the virus.

Now 73, Howe spent 34 years of his life in the majors, as an 11-year veteran across three teams, and bouncing around between a coach and manager following his time on the field. Highlights include a playing career with the Astros, where he was the first third basemen to win Player of the Month for the team, and his wild managerial tenure with the Athletics from 1996-2002. Howe's final position was as coach with the Rangers in 2008, putting an end to his diverse career.

Howe and his family are just some of many across the globe to feel the impact of the coronavirus. Success stories are needed now more than ever, and it is great to hear Howe register as one of them.