Art Howe Speaks for First Time Since Scary COVID-19 Diagnosis and Release From Hospital

Former Oakland Athletics manager Art Howe
Former Oakland Athletics manager Art Howe / Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The baseball community was forced to hold its collective breath after it was revealed that former longtime MLB manager Art Howe was hospitalized amid an arduous battle with the coronavirus.

Howe's status appeared bleak when it was reported that he had spent almost a week in an intensive care unit, but the 73-year-old has now made spirited recovery. The former Oakland Athletics skipper was released from the hospital on Sunday night.

What a comforting turn of events.

"Relief, back in my own bedroom, it's just sweet," Howe told reporters after he was discharged. "It was a long five days or so. I'm finally feeling a little bit better. Still not able to eat real good, taste buds are giving me a hard time. It's just nice to be back home and hopefully continue to progress."

Howe remains unsure how he contracted COVID-19, and confirmed that doctors instructed him to self-isolate inside his home for the next two weeks. He spent 12 seasons in the MLB as an infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals before logging 14 years as a manager for the A's, Astros and New York Mets.

This is tremendous news for baseball fans, and we'll continue to keep Howe in our thoughts as he continues to recover from the virus.