Antonio Brown Seemingly Takes Aim at JuJu Smith-Schuster and Derek Carr in Latest Tweet Rampage

Antonio Brown appeared to take a shot at former teammate JuJu Smit-Schuster
Antonio Brown appeared to take a shot at former teammate JuJu Smit-Schuster

Antonio Brown had a recent workout with the New Orleans Saints, but that hasn't stopped the embattled free agent wideout from unleashing incoherent diatribes on Twitter.

On Monday, Mr. Big Chest, seemingly out of nowhere, took a brazen shot at his former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Anything is possible with Brown, but we're presuming that this gibberish translates to receiving yardage for the 2019 season.

The tweet becomes even more inept if that's actually the case because Smith-Schuster recorded 552 yards on 42 receptions (in 12 games with woeful quarterback play), a far cry from his production in 2018, but still enough to prove AB wrong.

Since Brown apparently struggles with math (or reading), we'll help him out by providing some context to his tweet. JuJu's 552 yards were 496 more than his 56 in 2019.

Oh yeah, we went there.

This wasn't the first time that the seven-time Pro Bowler came at Smith-Schuster this year. Back in April, Brown blasted JuJu after he was named the Steelers' 2018 MVP.

The USC product famously replied with:


Brown's antics shouldn't come as a shock as he went out of his way to burn every bridge imaginable since forcing a trade out of Pittsburgh last season.

Not to mention, AB even took aim at former teammate Derek Carr.

Carr and Brown seemed to have a good relationship even after AB's days in Oakland. However, that's likely to change given how Brown went after Carr for seemingly no reason after a tough end to the season.

While Brown's confidence is unwavering, he's constantly burning bridges on his long journey back to the NFL.