Antonio Brown Blocked a Fake XFL Account After They Trolled Him in Ultimate Petty Move

Antonio Brown definitely isn't in a joking mood right now.

With multiple accusations of sexual assault looming over his head, the star wide receiver blocked a fake XFL account after they trolled him with a tweet expressing their lack of interest in him.

The tweet that led him to block the account stressed that the league wouldn't bring in Brown for their launch season, ultimately going viral.

Real or not, it doesn't seem likely that Brown will play football anywhere anytime soon. The superstar has been described as borderline radioactive in recent reports, and rightfully so considering just how serious the allegations against him are.

It also doesn't help that he's been one of the most distracting personalities in the NFL for the past few years in the locker room. There are few football teams that would be willing to put up with all of the baggage he brings to the table, regardless of the amount of talent he possesses.

Blocking the account just comes off as childish and petty, though. Haters and trolls are the last thing he should be spending his time focusing on right now.

Taking the time to peruse social media and hit the block button only feeds into the narrative that he doesn't have his proverbial house in order.