Anthony Davis Confirmed He'd Been Traded to Lakers by Scrolling Instagram

Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Anthony Davis
Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Anthony Davis / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Anthony Davis trade from the New Orleans Pelicans to the LA Lakers was almost unbelievable considering how long and grueling the process seemed. The process extended for so long that Davis didn't even believe it himself when at long last he was dealt.

After Davis got the call from his agent claiming that he had been traded to the Lakers, he had to double-check the news by taking a quick scroll through Instagram. Turns out his agent was right!

Davis appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he revealed to the late night host how he actually found out he would be moving to Los Angeles.

At the time of the trade, Davis was in the middle of watching a movie so didn't answer the initial few calls from his agent. Realizing that whatever he has to say might be important, Davis finally picks up to hear the news that he was traded to LA.

Davis admitted that with him being 26, his first instinct was to check Instagram because he hadn't actually heard the news yet. Once he saw it on Instagram he figured that it had to be true.

The Lakers acquired Anthony Davis in a trade that sent Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, and Brandon Ingram to the Pelicans along with the draft rights to De'Andre Hunter, and two future first round picks.

The three-time All-NBA and All-Defensive NBA team member is expected to put the Lakers in immediate contention for the NBA Finals as he joins four time league and three-time finals MVP LeBron James.