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Andrew Luck Takes Out Full Page Ad in Indy Star to Thank Colts Fans Following Retirement

A class act by one of the good guys.

For all the criticism and vitriol Andrew Luck received after announcing his retirement from the NFL, the former Indianapolis Colts QB still stayed in character and took out a full page advertisement in the Indianapolis Star to thank Colts fans for the last seven years.

What a guy. He was booed by Colts fans after the team's Week 3 preseason game and he responded a week later by expressing his gratitude for the entire city.

Hopefully this act of kindness makes all of those who have been calling him out rethink their stance. There was a never a doubt Luck was laying it all on the line and leaving everything he had out on the field, and this further supports that notion.

Not to mention, he was very involved in the community and made sure to give back to the fans in some way.

We should all probably be thanking him, right?