Hall of Famer Andre Dawson Now Says He Won't Boycott Derek Jeter's Induction Speech

Miami Marlins co-owner and CEO Derek Jeter speaks at a team press conference.
Miami Marlins co-owner and CEO Derek Jeter speaks at a team press conference. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Derek Jeter is having a great week. Apart from being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame just one vote shy of unanimity, the Yankee legend's good guy reputation remains intact even after a bit of uncomfortable business.

Last year, Hall of Famer Andre Dawson said he was adamant about not attending Jeter's inevitable induction ceremony after he fired him from his post as a special assistant to the Miami Marlins front office in 2017. "I don’t have a sense, or feeling, like I want to sit on that stage to hear what [Jeter] has to say," Dawson told Bleacher Report at last year's ceremonies in Cooperstown.

Fortunately, the two have since cleared the air.

Tim Raines, a former Jeter teammate and best friend of Dawson's, told the New York Post that the Hawk will most likely be on the stage during Jeter's induction now after they talked sometime last year about their beef.

"If he was planning on not coming, I'm pretty sure I would know," Raines told Ken Davidoff in a phone interview on Tuesday. "The last I heard, some months back, they spoke to each other and it’s all good and he’s going to come."

Dawson wasn't wrong to feel miffed by Jeter's decision to clear out the Marlins front office when he and his fellow co-owners took over the team in 2017, but it's the best possible news to know that cooler heads have prevailed.

With the two having presumably made up, perhaps maybe Dawson's appearance at the Hall of Fame ceremony can be the first step toward getting himself a new gig somewhere around the league. All's well that ends well.