Amazing College GameDay Sign Rips Ed Orgeron With Ultimate 'Game of Thrones' Insult

As compelling and electric as his personality is, there really is no coming back for Ed Orgeron after this particular dig.

College GameDay was in Austin, Texas for Week 2 ahead of the ranked showdown between the No.9 Texas Longhorns and No.6 LSU Tigers. During the segment, cameras spotted, as they always do, a mockery of epic proportions.

This particular one, however, was directed towards the Tigers head coach, and it featured a HIGHLY sensitive topic -- the final season of "Game of Thrones," which most fans of the critically acclaimed HBO series believed to be abysmal compared to the near-perfect product of past seasons.

No offense, Reddit, but literally anybody could've come up with a better version to that of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The show's architects, were, for some reason, perfectly fine with transitioning from careful, nuanced story-telling (which made the show so darn awesome) to a rushed time-jumping mess for the show's most important season...and it virtually made no sense.

If you're Coach O, this one burns.

Let's hope, for the Tigers sake, that Coach O can bounce back from this derision -- perhaps like Jon Snow came back from the dead in Season 6 -- and is able to lead LSU to victory on Saturday night.