All College Football Teams Should Stop Scheduling Liberty

Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr.
Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Two Liberty football players took to social media on Monday to announce that they are transferring, citing "racial insensitivity" and "cultural incompetence" as the motivation behind their respective decisions.

This crushing blow to the Flames' program came on the heels of university president Jerry Falwell Jr. making a boisterous return to news headlines. As many fans are aware, he posted a since-deleted tweet that referenced the blackface scandal that engulfed Virginia governor Ralph Northam last year.

Falwell's latest antics proves that all college football teams need to cut all ties with Liberty once and for all.

For those not in the know, Falwell's insensitive post included photographs from Northam's medical school yearbook that showed an individual in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan attire. The 58-year-old released an apology, but not before several black staffers resigned from their post at Liberty.

The vulgarity of such a post doesn't need to be explained.

There are countless programs throughout the country -- with Virginia Tech, Arkansas, South Carolina, NC State, Duke and Virginia being the most significant of the bunch -- that have agreed in principle to schedule matchup(s) against Liberty, and they shouldn't hesitate to rescind those agreements in light of this development.

Refusing to cancel those upcoming fixtures would, in theory, mean that those teams are OK with bolstering Falwell's distasteful brand. If these schools have any semblance of a conscience, they would tear up their relationship with Liberty altogether.