Alex Wood Calls Out Mark Teixeira for Odd Anti-Player Stance in 2020 Season Discussions

Alex Wood claps back at Mark Teixeira after his anti-players take on resumption of 2020 season.
Alex Wood claps back at Mark Teixeira after his anti-players take on resumption of 2020 season. /

At the start of the week, reports indicated that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and team owners sent the players union their plan to resume the 2020 regular season. However, those very news updates revealed that the players would be prepared to fight back if the league demands they take yet another pay cut.

To the shock of many, former New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira suggested that the players should accept the discount to start up the season to give fans hope during the coronavirus pandemic, instead of refusing to play over pay discrepancy.

Of course, Teixeira's quote made its rounds on social media, and it caught up with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood, who flat out called his statement "stupid."

Wood himself says he never judges anyone he hasn't met, but the former Yankee is an exception.

Many have said it was easier said than done for Teixeira, considering he made serious coin while he was an active player. His biggest paycheck came in 2009, when he signed a $180 million deal with the Bronx Bombers. Sure, maybe some of the current stars won't mind a pay cut, but what about those who are coming off the bench or being called up from the minor leagues that are already making pennies on the dollar?

Additionally, some players aren't concerned about the pay structure for the 2020 season. Rather, they're worried about their health and safety, considering they're playing during a global pandemic. These players want to know how they'll be protected in case someone contracts COVID-19.

We won't know the status of the 2020 season until we receive an official statement from the MLB and MLBPA. But one thing we do know is that Teixeira lost respect from some of the boys.