Mark Teixeira Comes off as Hypocrite for Slamming MLB Players Over 2020 Season Demands

Mark Teixeira speaking at an event
Mark Teixeira speaking at an event / Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

Former Rangers and Yankees All-Star Mark Teixeira had a great career in the MLB that included a World Series ring with the Bronx Bombers. Since becoming an analyst on ESPN, he has been known to speak his mind no matter who it may affect individual sensibilities around the baseball world.

Most recently, Tex was on the air speaking of the pay proposal the league's owners submitted to players in hopes of getting the 2020 season properly started. With the possibility of playing games without fans, the MLBPA wants to make sure that players are making as much money as possible and are not getting slighted on their pay in the name of austerity. Teixeira, on the other hand, had a different outlook on the issue.

In our various sports leagues, it tends to be frowned upon any time a former player bashes current ones, either on an individual bases or a broader one, given the brotherhood that exists among those who played the game.

This time, Big Tex insists that players should be satisfied with making significantly less money in 2020 as long as they are putting on a show for the fans.

Tex made a whole lot of dough during his MLB career. After spending time in Texas, Atlanta and Anaheim, he took his talents to the Bronx on a massive eight-year, $180 million contract. If he was still playing, it is pretty certain Tex would not want to short himself in terms of the money he would be making. It is a short-sighted statement for him to suggest that players should take “pennies on the dollar” rather than fight for them to maximize their value on the field no matter what.