Adam Silver Releases Powerful Statement on NBA's Position on Protests in Internal Memo

Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner Adam Silverr | Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

The NBA has rightfully garnered the title of America's most progressive sports league over the past partial decade, leading the charge repeatedly on social justice issues, from Eric Garner's murder to the ouster of Donald Sterling.

And just because the league is unable to participate in visible action right now while the game is still on pause does not mean they plan to shirk responsibility.

With so much league business already on his mind, Commissioner Adam Silver sent an internal memo on Sunday laying out the NBA's attitude, encouraging those involved to continue sharing solutions and empathy while attempting a return to play.

Certainly, the league's stars were already responding to the week's events strongly long before this memo was released. From LeBron James to Enes Kanter, NBA stars have been preaching peace and motivated action this weekend, and will likely continue to vault themselves to the forefront.

LeBron's Lakers have already advertised a united front, and per Silver's words, we'd expect more of this in the days to come.

No matter the national tragedy, it's clear that Adam Silver's NBA will be prepared to rise to the occasion, as warranted.