6 Greatest Moments of Vince Carter's Career

Vince Carter is calling it quits after 22 years in the NBA
Vince Carter is calling it quits after 22 years in the NBA / Will Newton/Getty Images

22-year NBA vet and Atlanta Hawks forward Vince Carter announced his retirement from the league prior to 2019-20, and recently confirmed his intentions. The ageless wonder better known as “Vinsanity” during his prime was an eight-time All-Star, a two-time All-NBA member and Rookie of the Year during his career that spanned through four different decades. Throughout his years in Toronto, New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, Sacramento and Atlanta, Vince gave the NBA countless memories. Here are some of his greatest hits.

6. The Last Points of His Career

In mid-March, the Hawks were playing the Knicks, and the league was on the verge of its shutdown due to COVID-19. With a buzz in the ATL building about the season possibly coming to an end, Carter knew he could be playing his last game. In the waning moments of the game, Hawks star Trae Young dropped off a pass for Vince to take and make one last three upon reentry. Atlanta made sure to give Vince a standing ovation.

5. Dunk Over Alonzo Mourning

Carter never feared going up amongst the trees for a highlight reel play. Going up against Alonzo Mourning, one of the best shot blockers in NBA history, is a clear justification of that. After a behind the back dribble to get away from Jason Williams, Vince dribbled once, took the contact from Zo, and jumped even higher for the and-one. Carter also credited teammate Jason Collins with holding Zo’s arm to stop Mourning’s momentum.

4. 2001 Playoffs vs. Iverson and the Sixers

With Michael Jordan three years removed from the NBA and Shaq and Kobe taking over the West, the East needed its next superstar. For two weeks in May of 2001, Carter and 76ers legend Allen Iverson added fuel to the battle. Going shot for shot, with both parties trading 50 point games, the Raptors and Sixers were deadlocked in a wild series. Even though Carter missed the game-winner in Game 7, the 2001 playoffs made him into a bonafide superstar.

3. Revenge Game Against Toronto

Things turned sour between Vince and Toronto following the controversy of that Game 7 where Carter flew to UNC for his graduation. After three more years in the Six, Carter was traded to the Nets. In 2008, Carter had one last heartbreak for the Raptors. With a clutch 3 to tie the game and a reverse dunk to steal a win in Toronto in overtime, Vince always put on a show against the Raptors.

2. 2000 Dunk Contest

After a two-year hiatus, the Dunk Contest was brought back during All-Star Weekend in 2000. In a field that featured stars like Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis, Ricky Davis, Jerry Stackhouse and Larry Hughes, Carter shined the brightest. With a reverse 360 windmill, a honey dip where he put his arm through the hoop, and a between the legs dunk off a bounce pass from his cousin T-Mac, Carter singlehandedly saved the event from extinction.

1. The Dunk of Death at the 2000 Olympics

Riding the momentum of the 2000 Dunk Contest, Carter was selected to play for Team USA during the 2000 Olympics. In a game against France where the US controlled throughout, Carter etched his name in the history books among the greatest dunkers ever. After a steal, Carter took two dribbles and rose up to clear Frenchman Frederic Weis for an emphatic slam. This moment is what made Vince earn the moniker of “Half-Man, Half-Amazing.”