Vince Carter Reflects on Final Minutes of NBA Career

Vince Carter
Vince Carter made his final NBA basket with the Atlanta Hawks. | Will Newton/Getty Images

Vince Carter's legendary NBA career is officially over as he has announced his retirement. This was an expected move made more difficult given the way his career abruptly ended with March's NBA shutdown.

Carter's final game came on March 11 as his Atlanta Hawks lost in overtime to the New York Knicks. Carter had five points in only 13 minutes, but he did hit his final shot and reflected on that in a recent podcast appearance.

The Knicks led 136-128 with time set to expire when Carter decided to put up one more shot. In perfect fashion he drilled a three-pointer for the final points of his career. This is not the send-off he likely wanted, but it is not a bad consolation given the circumstances.

This final shot came on March 11 when Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 and the league shut down. There was a sense this could be it for Carter, so it is good to know he is at peace with his career and he can always reflect on that last shot that gave fans one final glimpse of his greatness.