Throughout the years there's been countless sweet hockey jerseys that have, for whatever reason, been put in the grave. Over the past couple years, some teams have gotten the message and brought back fan favorite jerseys. However, there are still plenty of NHL sweaters that should be revived in order to give the fans what they want. These five in particular deserve their time back in the limelight.

5. Washington Capitals 2000s Jersey

Carolina Hurricanes v Washington Capitals

The Capitals have completely adopted their "retro" look, with the scripted name over red or white. However, the uniforms they wore at the beginning of Ovechkin's career are some of their best. These would serve as a great third jersey for Washington, and would be a nice sentiment for guys like Ovi and Nick Backstrom. Plus, they're probably the most patriotic uniform you'll find outside of USA hockey.

4. Sabres Red and Black Jerseys

Buffalo Sabres v Philadelphia Flyers, Game 4

Say what you will, these Buffalo uniforms were sick. There's a lot of disparity whether these were a good move or not for the Sabres, but they're filthy. Over the past few seasons, Buffalo's jerseys have gotten a bit bland with their actual old-school look. However, these uniforms from the early 2000s would be a great throwback to add some variation into the Sabres' kit choices.

3. Atlanta Thrashers Jersey

Blues v Thrashers

Is there anyone out there who doesn't miss the Atlanta Thrashers? Not only were they electric back in the day with guys like Dany Heatley and Ilya Kovalchuk, but they also had some of the best jerseys. Theoretically, it would be on the Jets to bring these beauties back since the Thrashers were relocated to Winnipeg back in 2011. Any iteration of their uniforms would be a welcomed sight in today's NHL.

2. Quebec Nordiques Jersey


The Nordiques uniforms would be a slam dunk for the Avalanche. Colorado's had a lot of amazing jerseys over the years, but a callback to their days in Quebec would be incredible. Also, their GM Joe Sakic was the face of the franchise back when the Nordiques were still around. If they used either the blue or white Quebec jerseys as a third jersey, they'd sell out in an instant.

1. Calgary Flames Flaming Horse Jersey

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks

The Flaming Horse jerseys of the Calgary Flames are one of the tragically forgotten uniforms in recent NHL history. These incredible sweaters were used from the late 1990s into the early 2000s. Who could forget seeing Jarome Iginla donning one of these back in the day. They've got to be one of the most underrated jerseys of all-time and would be an awesome throwback move for the Flames.