5 Best Goals of Alex Ovechkin's Career

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You'll have a hard time finding a more electrifying athlete than Alex Ovechkin, with his trademark yellow laces and smile-inducing celebrations. Across his 14 NHL seasons, most of his goals easily find themselves on highlight reels and of his 658 career goals, it's hard to choose which are the best. However, these few certainly stick out among the rest.

5. May 30, 2018 vs Vegas Golden Knights

You might be saying to yourself, "this isn't that sick." Well, it's certainly not the nastiest Ovi has ever scored. However, it is probably the biggest of his career. After waiting 12 seasons to reach the Stanley Cup Finals, Ovi's first goal of the final round was definitely a giant sigh of relief. Anytime Ovi is in his "office", lurking around the left-side circle, you can expect the puck to find the back of the net.

4. Feb. 24, 2009 vs New York Rangers

Ovi has an instinctive tendency to dance through entire teams. This goal from the 2009 playoffs is one of the few examples. The Rangers are part of a long list who's had their collective ankles broken by the "great 8".

3. Feb. 4, 2010 vs New York Raners

This goal, frankly, is just stupid. It makes no sense. On the surface, it looks like Ovi just danced past the defender and lifted one over the shoulder of Henrik Lundqvist. However, on second glance, you realize that he actually lifts the puck with one hand. He miraculously does so by elevating his stick using his leg as leverage. This is one of those goals, which happened to be his 500th career point, that makes you understand how fun it is to watch this guy work his magic.

2. Feb. 18, 2009 vs Montreal Canadiens

It's honestly hard to say which part of this play is sickest. The backhanded tap and spin move off the boards around the defense or the falling down, no chance shot. Well, let's just say that this one is disgusting all the way through. Ovi shows here how his combination of speed, strength and skill have made him one of, if not the, best goal scorer of all time.

1. Jan. 16, 2006 vs Phoenix Coyotes

As soon as you saw the title, you should've known "the goal" would've been No. 1 on the list. To this day, no one, including Ovechkin himself, can explain this goal. There's no logical reasoning behind Ovi putting this one in backwards on his back. This is probably one of the best goals the NHL will ever see, and it just so happened to be in one of the Capitals filthiest uniforms. Once Ovi retires, this one should be made into a statue and immortalized outside of Capital One Arena.