3 Players Patriots Must Avoid Signing in Free Agency

New England Patriots - Marcus Cannon, Tom Brady, Shaq Mason
New England Patriots - Marcus Cannon, Tom Brady, Shaq Mason / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With the looming free agency of New England Patriots superstar Tom Brady, the Patriots will need to make the right decisions when players begin signing with teams on March 18. If Brady moves on, the Patriots need to build a strong roster with new players.

To stay in contention, the Patriots could make a huge mistake by signing these players.

3. Eric Ebron - TE

Eric Ebron - Indianapolis Colts
Eric Ebron - Indianapolis Colts / Rob Leiter/Getty Images

The Patriots are in desperate need of a tight end since the departure of Rob Gronkowski. But Eric Ebron is not the right choice. He had a great season on the Colts in 2018 with 760 yards on 66 receptions. They'll need consistency, though, and Ebron is well known for his loose hands and the constant drops that plagued the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts offenses. He'll likely require a lot of money, too. Just draft an ideal replacement and go about things that way.

2. Philip Rivers - QB

Philip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers
Philip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers / David Eulitt/Getty Images

If Brady decides to walk, the Patriots will obviously need a QB. The usual plan is to go for a proven veteran who could keep them in contention, which Rivers could be. But Rivers, a 38-year-old quarterback in cold weather, would be a huge risk, especially since he's beginning to slip in more ideal conditions. His 2019 season with the Los Angeles Chargers was the worst of his career, and it's hard to imagine he'll improve at this point.

1. Devin Funchess - WR

Devin Funchess - Indianapolis Colts
Devin Funchess - Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Patriots had some serious problems at wide receiver last season, and they'll definitely look to pick one or two up this offseason. Devin Funchess is probably on their radar, but they don't have a need for a possession receiver like this big-bodied slow weapon. Add that to the fact that he's coming off of a fractured clavicle, and it's clear the Patriots should look at other options before throwing money at Funchess.