Roger Goodell Announces NFL Draft Will Take Place as Scheduled and Lifts America's Spirits

Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the 2020 NFL Draft will take place as scheduled. | Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Professional sports have been shut down in America for two weeks and the country was distraught when MLB Opening Day actually, truly did not take place on Thursday. As for the NFL Draft, it's a month away, there were already concerns about whether or not the event would take place.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has eased those concerns with an announcement that the event will take place as scheduled from April 23-25. This will be done in a studio setting, but this remains great news and a reprieve from all the shutdowns and cancellations.

Goodell notes that prospects and their families will not attend and that all public events in Las Vegas have been cancelled. He also made clear he didn't reschedule the event because there's no way of knowing when society will get back to normal.

Can't really argue with that. And if the event can go on without harm, why not make it happen?

Goodell has drawn his fair share of hate from football fans during his time as commissioner. Keeping the draft as scheduled and doing the event in a manner that is safe for all involved should at least give him temporary support before we all inevitably find a reason to complain about him again in three months.

After all, at least fans now have something to look forward to while the rest of the sports world remains on hiatus.