NFL's 'Virtual Solution' to 2020 Draft Honestly Sounds Awesome

2018 NFL Draft
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL is exploring a virtual solution for their draft. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the coronavirus pandemic's devastating effects on the world, there is uncertainty as to whether or not the 2020 NFL Draft will happen when it's scheduled to. However, the NFL is exploring some alternate routes.

According to Ian Rapoport, the NFL is reportedly looking into a "virtual solution" for the NFL Draft that will allow prospects to remain at their own sites for the draft that is set to take place from April 23-25. The NFL itself won't be together on a stage, either.

It honestly sounds like a pretty great solution to a terrible problem. One of the things many people cherish about the draft is seeing the kids that get selected meet the commissioner on stage with their respective jerseys. Watching them celebrate it with their families is such a treat, too.

Not only that, but the draft needs to happen for the sake of the NFL. It brings in incredible viewership, especially from the fans pf dreadful teams. Frankly, this is their Super Bowl.

This truly is an unfortunate circumstance for players who have dreamed of walking up on stage, shaking hands with the commissioner, and holding up their new jersey for the world to see. However, safety always comes first, and this isn't a bad Plan B.