10 Funniest Tweets About Aaron Gordon Getting Robbed of Another Slam Dunk Contest Title

Aaron Gordon got ripped off in another Dunk Contest
Aaron Gordon got ripped off in another Dunk Contest /

Aaron Gordon did nothing but earn 50s all Dunk Contest long. Then, he dunked over Tacko Fall to cinch things, and instead watched some more hardware get stolen from him.

It's sad, it's nonsensical, and it's time to laugh, basically, because there's nothing else left to do.

First of all, how hard did D-Wade have to work to justify that final nine?

Iconic. He has the power.

Legitimately, we ask, what does Gordon have to do in one of these things to secure the dub?

Because that's not gonna happen. On to Plan B.

Or, perhaps, some last-minute international travel would get it done?

Gordon announced after the contest that he's retiring from the event, and for good reason. After all, this is getting ridiculous.

Can we blame it all on D-Wade, though? Is that fair?

Wade better watch his back.

The hometown vibes only take you so far, especially after you robbed the Bulls a few years back.

Maybe this controversy goes deeper?

Yeah, THAT'S why Twitter's mad.

The internet knows who the real champ is, though. They always will.

Written in ink. Print it.