Phillies Pitcher Zack Wheeler Takes Shot at Mets Over Contract Talks

Zack Wheeler
Zach Wheeler criticizes the Mets for lack of contract talks between the two parties | Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

The New York Mets have long been an organization under scrutiny for the way they treat their players in contract talks. Mets owner Fred Wilpon has a bad reputation among the MLB community for being stingy and not offering players the money they deserve.

Newly acquired Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Zack Wheeler took shots at the Mets organization for their contract talks, or in this case the lack of.

It seems that the 29-year-old pitcher has some bad blood with his former team. After Wheeler's name was mentioned in trade talks near the deadline, he was not surprised by the Mets plan to move on come the offseason.

Wheeler finished the 2019 campaign with an 11-8 record, 195 strikeouts and a 3.96 ERA. Now a member of the Phillies, Wheeler looks to get vengeance on his former ball-club and prove to New York they made a mistake letting him go.

Wheeler will get plenty of opportunities to face the Mets next season with the Phillies, as they are both members of the highly-competitive NL East.