Yu Darvish Roasts Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo in Back-to-Back Flawless Tweets

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Chicago Cubs right-hander Yu Darvish comes off as very calm and even-keeled, but it's the offseason and his Twitter game is strong, especially when it comes to roasting his teammates.

The first guy to learn this on Thursday was Jon Lester. In hilarious fashion, Yu went after the veteran lefty:

The comment came after the Cubs posted a video of Anthony Rizzo making a spectacular play in the field:

Speaking of Rizzo, you think Darvish was going to let him off easy? No chance at all, as the star hurler took a pretty head-turning shot at the first baseman.

How will Rizzo react to this?!

Hmm. That's an interesting take and something we need to look at when 2020 roles around and Darvish forces a ground ball to Rizzo deep at first base.

The Japanese starter has had some fun with Rizzo the last couple of days, as he imitated the All-Star first baseman's swing pretty accurately on Instagram.

I'd say there's a new bromance in Wrigleyville.