Yu Darvish Accuses Brewers of Stealing Signs From Bullpen and There's Some Evidence

As the rumor mill has buzzed about for a few days now, the Houston Astros might not be the only team that was resorting to some less-than-legal means to gain a competitive advantage.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish alleged on Friday that the Milwaukee Brewers were stealing signs when he played them at Miller Park earlier this season by looking to the bullpen, in much the same way Houston was rumored to be doing during the '17 World Series. As luck would have it, photographic evidence of Christian Yelich looking somewhere in left-center field after locking in on Darvish certainly helps feed into this conspiracy theory.

This would certainly explain why Yelich is nearly unstoppable at Miller Park and just regular old "very good" away from home.

Ken Rosenthal's bombshell report might have singled out the Astros as the most blatant and experienced at stealing signs, but several other teams were named in that report, though Milwaukee was not one of them.

Anyone who believed or currently believes with any sincerity that the Astros are the only team in the league that was attempting to or succeeding in stealing signs using technology remains naive. The Astros have been shredded in the media of late, and the Brewers, among a small group of other teams, might just be in for the same serious punishment if these accusations ever materialize into something concrete.