You Can Get Married at Halftime of Bills-Patriots in Buffalo

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen

The Bills are doing whatever it takes to improve and create a winning environment on the field, even if that means allowing two people to say their vows at New Era Field during the halftime of Buffalo's September 29 game against the New England Patriots.

Yes, the winning couple will be allowed to have 20 guests on the field, while adding any other invitees to a spot in the stands with the other 70,000 people who are there for the game. It is a rather interesting and unique experience, one that the bride and groom will most certainly enjoy, but it does not necessarily sound like the ideal 'dream wedding'.

We have to ask: how many people are going to want to tie the knot at the halftime of another Bills defeat? Wouldn't they rather, I don't know, get to the beer and hot dog lines early?

Hopefully, this portion of the game gets televised. Lord knows we're more interested in watching a wedding than more Josh Allen overthrows.