Yasiel Puig Was Petty and Liked a Nationals Post on Instagram After Dodgers' Loss

Goodness me, the baseball world remains simply stunned by what transpired on Wednesday night. With the Dodgers monster favorites to get back to the World Series once again, the Nationals wiped away those dreams in dramatic fashion.

Yup, thanks to a Howie Kendricks grand slam against Joe Kelly, Washington took down L.A., ending their season earlier than expected. While Clayton Kershaw choking was the focus after the game, it turns out there was another developing story.

And that story is Yasiel Puig seemingly being fired up over his former team blowing it in Game 5 of the NLDS.

Something tells me Puig isn't a die-hard Nats fan. Instead, it looks like he's just pumped to see his old ball club joining him on a couch to watch the rest of the postseason.

Puig's time in L.A. surely didn't come without any drama. From fights against opposing players, to him getting blasted for his lack of hustle at times, it just didn't seem like LaLa Land and Puig were a good fit. His latest social media post sure lets you know he's glad he's no longer in town.

Well, maybe Puig doesn't miss the Dodgers, but the team surely missed him this postseason. They had all the tools to wipe away the misery of the last two years and win the World Series. Instead, a trip to Choke City was booked.