Yankees Player Development Director Releases Statement on Minor Leaguer Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus

A New York Yankees player tested positive for coronavirus
A New York Yankees player tested positive for coronavirus / Mark Brown/Getty Images

The New York Yankees became the first MLB team to be personally struck by COVID-19, as an unnamed minor leaguer became the first player confirmed to have picked up the coronavirus.

In a statement updating us about the player's condition, Yankees Player Development Director Kevin Reese noted that the player has been confirmed positive, but he is recovering well.

Due to HIPAA, the Yankees are choosing to keep the player's medical information private. The Yankees did mention that while the player did test positive, he was never in the major league complex and was not close to anyone on the major league team.

Still, given the relative lack of information with regards to how the virus spreads, every single precaution must be taken.

There have been three NBA players (Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Christian Wood) who have tested positive for this virus in addition to the anonymous NY player.

Hopefully the young man is able to rest and recover from this illness as soon as possible.