Former Yankee Phil Hughes Trolls Rays on Twitter After Blake Snell's MLB The Show Walk-Off

Former New York Yankee Phil Hughes trolls the Rays.
Former New York Yankee Phil Hughes trolls the Rays. /

With MLB action on a hiatus for the time being, the league and the MLBPA have launched an MLB The Show tournament for the athletes to keep 'em busy.

Based on what we've seen thus far, Rays ace Blake Snell is...way better at this than anyone else.

The veteran streamer cleaned up in his AL East battles on Monday night, and completed the task by walking off the Orioles with Mike Zunino and losing his mind.

Mike the Stud, indeed. If you like athletes going absolutely nuts while wearing salmon shorts, you're going to love this MLB The Show tournament.

But not everyone loves the Rays and their celebrations. Former Yankee Phil Hughes had an astute observation about the digital Tropicana Field.

He's (checks notes)...completely right! Take the fans away, add the home run hitting a loose bag hanging off the ceiling, and you've got a more accurate depiction of the disaster in Tampa.

Enjoy your digital domination, Snellzilla. Philthy Phil will be there on the other side to take you down a peg.