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Yankees Fan Hilariously Updates Orioles Wikipedia Page Amid Gleyber Torres' Domination

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Gleyber Torres just it his 10th home run against the Orioles this season, an incredibly impressive feat, and Yankees fans were quick to troll the O's over the success of No. 25.

One fan went as far as to alter the Baltimore Wikipedia page to give Torres an honorable mention, filling him in under the ownership section.

Torres has owned the Orioles this season, and Yankees fans are making sure the Baltimore knows that he is completely destroying their ball club. Torres has four multi-home run games this year, with all of them coming against the Orioles.

Baltimore cannot wait to see Torres leave Camden Yards, but their is still a game left for the Yankees infielder to inflict damage on the O's.

After Gary Thorne's rant on air, Yankees fans are going to continue pouring salt in the Orioles wounds as long as Torres keeps slapping the ball around the stadium.

It truly is remarkable to think about the pure dominance Torres is displaying, but Yankees fans are enjoying every second of it and are quick to mock the Orioles and the lackluster pitching staff that they possess.