Yankees and White Sox to Play Game at 'Field of Dreams' Site in 2020

Colorado Rockies v New York Yankees
Colorado Rockies v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

You don't have to be a baseball fanatic to adore the renowned film, "Field of Dreams." Of course, the plot centers around an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field on his property. Once he complies, the famous 1919 Chicago White Sox , among other baseball legends, walk through the cornfields and play. Eventually, main character Ray's (played by Kevin Costner) father joins them on the diamond in a surreal moment.

Just thinking about THAT scene is giving us goosebumps. Therefore, this particular piece of news is also guaranteed to make you weak in the knees.

The New York Yankees and White Sox are reportedly set to play a regular season game at the motion picture's iconic site in Dyersville, Iowa on Aug. 13 of 2020.

Yes. Inject this right into our veins.

Now, we know what you're thinking: how on earth is a field that features a small bleacher section on the first-base side going to host thousands of fans? Well, MLB is set to begin construction on an 8,000-seat renovation in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the league will need to reform the outfield dimensions before the clash as the signature corn fields begin just some 300 feet down the left-and right-field foul lines.

There's no doubting that a lot of reconfiguration needs to be done to get the field ready in time. But, as the the old saying goes, "If you build it, he will come."