Yankees and Cardinals Should Ignite MLB With This Surprise Trade

Clint Frazier
New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

If there is one position where the New York Yankees are not short on depth, it's the outfield, and that spells bad news for former top prospect Clint Frazier.

Frazier, who proved last year he can handle himself at the plate, could end up as a trade piece that the Yankees jettison to bring in a star or established veteran. With the league currently stuck in neutral due to the coronavirus, now could be the best time to swap Frazier out.

In terms of what the Yankees could get back, the St. Louis Cardinals could be able to offer an MLB-level talent in return, with veteran infielder Matt Carpenter standing out as a potential addition.

Carpenter is 34, but he's due $18.5 million over the next three years and has a no-trade clause. The Yankees, being the Yankees, should still consider absorbing that contract while adding a player with the versatility to play third, second and first base. Despite an excellent offense, New York's bench has been nearly nonexistent these past few years.

Of course, the Yankees would need a promising prospect in return for taking Carpenter, who hit .226 with 15 home runs last year, off of St. Louis' hands, and enticing lefty Genesis Cabrera could also head to New York.

St. Louis would get another young, powerful outfielder they can pair with the likes of Harrison Bader and Tyler O'Neill (while eventually phasing out the underperforming Dexter Fowler), while the Yankees get a versatile veteran, and a raw, yet talented, left-handed pitching prospect who's in a similar boat to Frazier. Everyone's a winner.