XFL Reveals Average Player Salary for 2020 Season

Vince McMahon...
Vince McMahon... / Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Vince McMahon is back at it again, as the WWE overlord has teamed with commissioner Oliver Luck to reboot the XFL in an attempt to create a spring and summer football league with staying power.

The league has recently revealed the average player salary for the inaugural season, which will be $55,000.

That number is much lower than the Alliance of American Football's, as those players signed contracts that paid them around $75,000 annually with the opportunity to earn more in bonuses.

While the AAF had to rely on an outside investment that ultimately folded, the XFL will likely be able to fund these salaries with the never-ending stream of cash McMahon brings in from WWE. It's a paltry sum for the players, but a savvy business plan for a fledgling league.

The AAF made a few fatal errors that led to its demise, and the XFL appears to be in better shape to actually get this venture off the ground. Assuming they're able to profit in Year 2, the league could be around for a decent while if all goes well.